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Head of School

Welcome to ISC! I am pleased to be here for the 2023-2024 school year. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Having spent all of my school life as an international student in Bangkok, I am a true reflection of the international school student. I understand and experienced it first hand. In 1997, I graduated from Ekamai International School. After high school, I joined Assumption University in the Faculty of Business Administration. There I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in General Management. It was after my graduation that I got a chance to start working at the Early Learning Centre in Bangkok, at the time, the only Reggio-Emilia inspired school in Thailand.

My experience there changed my life, and I discovered a new world of learning and teaching

I had this immense passion and enthusiasm for learning and development. That is when I realized that this was my true calling. I found my inspiration in being within a learning environment, in supporting the child and most importantly in believing in the importance of the journey that never ends, the journey of learning. That is when I went back to school and got myself a Master’s Degree in Education, majoring in Curriculum and Instruction. After that, it was one professional development after another specialising in Early Years and Multiple Intelligences. Although I have worked in several schools, my best experience would be with the team that brought in Helen Doron Early English into Thailand. There, I was encouraged to fill in the missing gap in education and with that intention I started ISC. I envisioned ISC as a school that values people, a school that is real and what idealists have written about. I promised myself that as long as I am here, I will be guided with my intentions as providing the very best for every single child that walks through these doors. All progress matters no matter how small.

Being an educator is like being on a never ending adventure, there is so much more to learn every single day. I have never stood still and that is why I ended up doing another Master’s Degree in Education, this time in Educational Administration. I have visited many schools as I am on the inspection committee of different accrediting agencies, which is where I learn and keep myself updated on best practices. Everywhere that I go, I end up looking back at my school and think to myself that ISC is a very special place. At ISC, we really put the children first and every child matters.